Github-style calendar heatmap

I’ve spent a lot of time at the doctor’s office and hospital over the past year. I’ve been exploring different ways of visualizing this experience, and now that I have most of the rest of the year’s appointments in my calendar, I decided to get them out of my calendar and into R for some fun. The inspiration for this visualization is the heatmap on Github that shows you how often you create commits, issues, etc.

Secrets and Robots: Accessing password-protected data with R

There’s so much data out there, and yet I have access to so little of it. Of course, the most interesting data of all is that about me. As often as I can, I like to collect data on myself, or analyze data that others have collected on me. One skill that I’ve been wanting to practice is web-scraping: gathering data from the internet. While trying to keep track of my insurance claims, I grew frustrated that my insurance company didn’t have an easy-to-use system for downloading or even just viewing that data.

Tidy Tuesday: California Fires

I found out #tidytuesday is a thing on Twitter and wanted to join! Since I had lots of free time this past week, I had lofty goals. I wanted to try out gganimate, I wanted to incorporate data from another source, and I wanted to learn and practice some new functions, like those from the purrr package. Given the data on California wildfires, my vision was an animated graph that highlighted the “big fires” in California history.