Northeastern University

PHTH 6800: Causal Inference in Public Health Research

Instructor (spring 2023, spring 2024)

Emory University Rollins School of Public Health

EPI590R: R Bootcamp

Instructor (summer 2023)

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

ID543: Intro to R

Instructor (summer 2023)

EPI 207: Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

(Head) Teaching fellow (fall 2018, fall 2019, fall 2020)

Causal inference for time-varying exposures: g-formula, marginal structural models, g-estimation of structural nested models; static and dynamic treatment regimes.

BST 256: Theories and Methods for Causality I

Teaching fellow (fall 2020)

Structural causal models, graphical models, algorithms for identification.

Introduction to R

Instructor (fall 2019, summer 2020)

Developed and taught short course to introduce R to graduate students. Topics included creating figures and tables, cleaning data, writing functions.

Introduction to Epidemiology

Co-instructor (summer 2019, summer 2020)

Epidemiology course for participants in the Harvard Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology.

PHS 2000: Quantitative Research Methods in Population Health Sciences

Teaching fellow (fall 2017, spring 2018, fall 2019)

Regression models, sampling, longitudinal and multilevel analysis, time-varying confounding, mediation and interaction, econometric methods, missing data.

University of California, Berkeley

PH 150A: Introduction to Epidemiology and Human Disease

Graduate student instructor (spring 2016)

Basic epidemiologic methods, overview of epidemiology of diseases/conditions of public health importance for undergraduates.

PH 250A: Epidemiologic Methods

Graduate student instructor (fall 2015)

Study design, sampling, data collection, analysis, inference for MPH students.