Selected Publications

Identification of vaccine effects when exposure status is unknown


Emulation of a target trial with sustained treatment strategies: An application to prostate cancer using both inverse probability weighting and the g-formula

European Journal of Epidemiology

Timing and severity of COVID-19 during pregnancy and the risk of preterm birth in the International Registry of Coronavirus Exposure in Pregnancy

BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth

E-values for effect modification and conservative approximations for causal interaction

International Journal of Epidemiology

We provide sensitivity analyses for unmeasured confounding in estimates of effect heterogeneity and causal interaction.

International Registry of Coronavirus Exposure in Pregnancy (IRCEP) — Cohort description and methodological considerations

American Journal of Epidemiology

We describe a pregnancy cohort recruited and followed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as some challenges encountered during the process.

Multifoetal gestations mediate the effect of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) on ischaemic placental disease in autologous oocyte IVF more than donor oocyte IVF

Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology

Multiple-bias sensitivity analysis using bounds


We show that it is possible to bound the total composite bias due to unmeasured confounding, selection, and differential misclassification, and to use that bound to assess the sensitivity of a risk ratio to any combination of these biases.

Mediating to opportunity: The challenges of translating mediation estimands into policy recommendations


Commenting on an article by Rudolph et al., we describe goals of mediation analysis for informing policy.

Simple sensitivity analysis for control selection bias


We extend a sensitivity analysis approach for selection bias to account for poor control selection in case-control studies.

The importance of mediation in reproductive health studies

Human Reproduction

We introduce the concept of mediation and provide examples that solidify understanding of mediation for valid discovery and interpretation in the field of reproductive medicine.

Selection mechanisms and their consequences: Understanding and addressing selection bias

Current Epidemiology Reports

Understanding the way in which a study sample relates to the target population is critical for avoiding and addressing bias. Communication about selection bias is aided by the use of causal graphs.

Mediational E-values: Approximate sensitivity analysis for unmeasured mediator-outcome confounding


We show how E-values can be used and easily interpreted for sensitivity analysis in mediation.

Bounding bias due to selection


We provide bounds for selection bias under a variety of situations.

Health issues in the industrial port zone of Marseille, France: The Fos EPSEAL community-based cross-sectional survey

Journal of Public Health

Maternal prepregnancy weight and children's behavioral and emotional outcomes

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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Selected Publications